Media images represents the most recognizable commodity in the world. The implied messages of media form the world views of millions. In the United States and globally, Africans, African-Americans, Blacks, Asians, Hispanics, Latinos and Native Indians are severely underrepresented in mass media, and are most often shown in marginal roles when featured. As independent content creators, we can the talents and creativity to change the narrative of the diaspora stories.

Founded in November 2001, the mission of the Urban Mediamakers  is to promote and support diverse, independent digital/media arts content creation. Our annual signature event is the Urban Mediamakers Festival (UMFF) showcasing award-winning, global independent films. Join us annually in October  for UMFF as we celebrate award-winning content creations.

Consortium of Independent Content Creators

The Urban Mediamakers Association is a 501(c)(3), not-for-profit, charitable organization headquartered in metro-Atlanta, Georgia. We promote the production, exhibition and training of various forms of artistic expression and content creation. Become a FREE member today!

Young Urban Mediamakers (YUMs)

Our YUMs program partners film, television and writing professionals with youth ages 12-17 to encourage, inspire and educate them in all areas of content creation including development, production and distribution.

WeCodeAcademy – For Adults and Youth

Code is a language just like English and Spanish. It is used to program computers to develop websites, games, mobile/web apps, robotics and more. We are teaching youth how to use their creativity and critical-thinking to code with the WeCodeAcademy. For more information, visit www.wecodeacademy.com.
For more information on the Urban Mediamakers and/or programs of the organization, please contact us at 404.590.1691.