Project Greenlight Is Coming Back to HBO Max for a Woman Director!

issa rae

Issa Rae, HBO Max and Miramax are reviving the critically acclaimed docuseries “Project Greenlight,” which originally spotlighted first-time filmmakers on HBO.

The new “Project Greenlight” will focus on talented female filmmakers who are given the chance to direct a feature film. Rae will appear in every episode as an executive producer, providing guidance and mentorship to the aspiring filmmakers. The finished film will then premiere on HBO Max.

This time around one talented, undiscovered woman director will have the opportunity to make a studio film that is intended to be released in 2023. The chosen director will take a Hollywood script through pre-production, casting, principal photography and post production.

If you think you’ve go what it takes, then we want to hear from you!


Rebranding of Urban Mediamakers Film Festival

Urban Mediamakers Festival Logo

The Urban Mediamakers Film Festival is rebranding to Urban Mediamakers Festival during the 20th edition of the annual event. “We are rebranding to reflect the evolution of content creation and the creatives behind it all. With creatives in web series, podcasts, comic books, gaming, virtual reality, etc., we have changed our name to Urban Mediamakers Festival,” said Cheryle Renee Moses, founder and producer of the festival.

Let’s Be Honest: An Open Letter from Over 125 Black and Brown Independent Producers and Allies…


At a moment when Hollywood is listening more than ever to suggestions on how to make this industry more inclusive, a group of indie producers of color have written an open letter with some worthwhile suggestions meant to guide change.

Let’s Be Honest: An Open Letter from Over 125 Black and Brown Independent Producers and Allies…

Dear Hollywood,

This letter is from Black and Brown independent producers in alliance with advocates for change. As one extended community, we require your active engagement to tackle systemic racism in our industry, in America and around the world. While messages condemning racism and advocating for solidarity on social media may inspire hope, Hollywood must put its money and practices where its mouth is. A direct line can be drawn from the stories and voices that Hollywood silences, to the discrimination and biases that are pervasive in the entertainment industry and larger society. This moment in history presents an opportunity for you to be an incredible partner for change.

Our aim is that this letter produces strategic commitments from Hollywood players to reshape our industry into one whose words are supported by action. 

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Can the Oscars Ever Overcome Hollywood’s Diversity Problem?


A new report found that in the industry, writers, directors, and executives are still over 80 percent white and male—and that stat is borne out on the Academy Awards stage.

Cerise Castle, journalist for Los Angeles Magazine, writes, “It’s the time of year when the zeitgeist inevitably turns to the Oscars, a notoriously white award show that consistently overlooks the accomplishments of women and people of color, both in front of and behind the camera. Although some think that Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite could be the first foreign-language film to take home the award for Best Picture, there was a stunning lack of diversity amongst this year’s acting nominees; British actress Cynthia Erivo was the only nonwhite actor nominated for a performance. For almost a century, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Science has maintained a death grip on its status as the gatekeeper to Hollywood acclaim. “

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Global Film Industry Storylines Set to Dominate 2020

Richard Hubner Pixabay Disney

SCREENDAILY released the set dominate storylines of our global film industry. The storylines include:

  • The Streaming Wars Intensify
  • Festivals Face Up to Challenging Times
  • Don’t Expect Such a Dominant Year For Disney
  • Will China’s ‘Cold Winter’ Continue?
  • The Harvey Weinstein Criminal Trial
  • Will This Be Africa’s Year?
  • What Future for Culture and Cinema Under the New European Parliament?
  • Can the Industry Get Serious About Sustainability?
  • Gender Equality – More Action, Less Talk
  • Will the Indie Film Industry Start Embracing AI?

Read the full article written by Melanie Goodfellow, Charles Gant, Fionnuala Halligan and Wendy Mitchell.

Thank you for UMFF 2019!

UMFF 2019

The 18th Urban Mediamakers Film Festival (UMFF) 2019 was a success because of the actors, filmmakers, content creators, writers, movie lovers and volunteers from around the world. Thank you for coming out October 10-16 to support diverse and inclusive storytellers!

Happy holidays and we look forward to seeing you in 2020!

Urban Mediamakers Team

Tyler Perry Unveils New Grand Studio in Atlanta

Tyler Perry Studios - Atlanta, GA

Tyler Perry came to Atlanta living out of his car. Now he owns the largest studio in the United States. Located in southwest Atlanta – SWATS – Perry has turned an old confederate United States Army Base into a site to see. Atlanta has its own Hollywood owned by Tyler Perry. Congratulations Tyler. We are so proud of you.