Denzel Washington is Great in the Less-Great Roman J. Israel, Esq. :: EW Review

We took a group to see Roman J. Israel Esq. at Atlantic Station in midtown Atlanta, Georgia. First let me say I love Denzel Washington as well as the work of MACRO. The movie has a powerful theme, the story shines light on a truth of America unjust legal system for black people. Great cinematography. But the writing was just not on point.

Roman J. Israel Esq. starts off fine. The middle was good. But something goes awfully wrong in the ending. Did they run out of money for completing the movie? Did they misplace footage shot? Did Denzel not read the script?

Throughout the movie, Denzel Washington did everything in his creative and acting power to make this film awesome. But, the audience’s reaction pretty much told it all. Two or three people clapped, and everyone walked out silently.


You could have heard a pin drop — except for me saying, “This is some BS.”

When I read the following review, it captured everything I wanted to say about Roman J. Isreal Esq, so I am sharing it!

Peace and blessings,
Cheryle Moses

The first two-thirds of Roman Israel are a gripping and original character study, thanks in large part to Washington’s authentic, showy-but-not-too-showy performance. But Gilroy loses his controlled grip in the final act, which veers into some overly melodramatic twists and too-convenient switchbacks. With his hunched gait, lack of people skills, and idealism built on quicksand, Washington makes you believe in Roman 100 percent. Unfortunately, the script lets him down a bit in the homestretch. B

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