What is the Future of Filmmaking in Georgia?

Since the new abortion bill passed in Georgia this year, many have been asking “What is the future of filmmaking in Georgia?” An article in US News addresses that question. Below is an exert from the article.

A LITTLE UNDER A YEAR ago, Andrea Ferguson became one of the many people who left Hollywood for Georgia.

Ferguson, a graphic designer working for different film production companies, bought a house in Atlanta with her husband, who also works in the entertainment industry.[ 

Georgia increasingly appears in movies and TV shows, and has seen shooting for productions such as “Baby Driver,” “Selma” and “Stranger Things.” Film and TV production supports 92,000 jobs in the state, in addition to granting Georgia the national and international visibility it desires. In 2017, the state was the top shooting location in the country for the highest-grossing U.S. movies and tied with the United Kingdom for the No. 2 location worldwide.

But crew members and other people who work in entertainment now face a question: How will Georgia’s new law banning most abortions affect the industry?

“It has a lot of people very nervous because we’ve all invested in it,” Ferguson says.

Read the full article at USNews.com – https://www.usnews.com/news/best-states/articles/2019-06-28/georgia-navigates-its-future-with-entertainment-industry