Young Urban Mediamakers (YUMs) Videopalooza for Middle and High School Filmmakers

Young Urban Mediamakers Videopalooza Competition

We are training and supporting the next generation of content creators and storytellers with the Young Urban Mediamakers (YUMs) program. Young Urban Mediamakers is a group of middle and high school students ages 12-18 who are interested in the film/TV industry. Videopalooza is the annual competition of YUMs held during the annual Urban Mediamakers Festival.  Videopalooza his taking place Tuesday, October 19, 2020, 1-2p EST. Get the details at

Rebranding of Urban Mediamakers Film Festival

Urban Mediamakers Festival Logo

The Urban Mediamakers Film Festival is rebranding to Urban Mediamakers Festival during the 20th edition of the annual event. “We are rebranding to reflect the evolution of content creation and the creatives behind it all. With creatives in web series, podcasts, comic books, gaming, virtual reality, etc., we have changed our name to Urban Mediamakers Festival,” said Cheryle Renee Moses, founder and producer of the festival.