“We uplift and glorify black people — in all their beauty, strength and resilience — in great creative content.”
— Cheryle R. Moses

Urban Mediamakers is your one-stop shop for film and television production services in Georgia. We are a consortium of diverse and inclusive content creators with a focus on African, African-American, Black, Latinx and other non-white creatives. We work with production studios on projects of all genres and budgets. 

Film/Television Advance Screenings/Premieres

Urban Mediamakers has over 18 years of experience curating films, marketing and advertising screenings, hosting red-carpet premieres, and conducting content-creator events. We provide revenue streams and marketing/advertising for independent filmmakers looking to showcase their work in Atlanta.

Location Scouting

As natives and experts of Atlanta, Georgia, the creatives at Urban Mediamakers work with the director and production designer to understand the overall visual of the project. Once that is determined, we scout the state of Georgia for appropriate locales, providing pictures to the director and production designer. Upon approval, we secure the location and negotiate a contract with insurance. The advantage Urban Mediamakers brings to the project is that we know every house, every building, every fly urban spot and every best-kept secret in the city. We can find exactly what your production needs!

Maximizing Georgia’s Production Tax Credits

Georgia offers very attractive tax credits for production and post-production. Working with the Georgia Film Commission, Urban Mediamakers can ensure your company takes maximum advantage of all tax credits available for productions in the state.

For more information, contact us today at 404.590.1691.