Let’s Be Honest: An Open Letter from Over 125 Black and Brown Independent Producers and Allies…


At a moment when Hollywood is listening more than ever to suggestions on how to make this industry more inclusive, a group of indie producers of color have written an open letter with some worthwhile suggestions meant to guide change.

Let’s Be Honest: An Open Letter from Over 125 Black and Brown Independent Producers and Allies…

Dear Hollywood,

This letter is from Black and Brown independent producers in alliance with advocates for change. As one extended community, we require your active engagement to tackle systemic racism in our industry, in America and around the world. While messages condemning racism and advocating for solidarity on social media may inspire hope, Hollywood must put its money and practices where its mouth is. A direct line can be drawn from the stories and voices that Hollywood silences, to the discrimination and biases that are pervasive in the entertainment industry and larger society. This moment in history presents an opportunity for you to be an incredible partner for change.

Our aim is that this letter produces strategic commitments from Hollywood players to reshape our industry into one whose words are supported by action. 

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